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Spathiphyllum Picasso


Picasso Spathiphyllum is extremely sought after and difficult to source amongst indoor plant collectors at the moment. It has highly prized variegation that sets this one apart from all other varieties of spathiphyllum that are what this plant is famous for. If left to grow in the correct conditions, this plant will multiply or clump up nicely over the years to come, as shown in the gallery of images. The plant you are buying measures approx 50cm in height and about 15cm in witdth. Variegation is random on each leaf and differs between each plant. Due to excessively hot summer...

Monstera Adansonii


Monstera adansonii, more commonly and incorrectly referred to as Monstera obliqua is our all time favourite house plant. This plant has magnificent foliage, full of fenestrations (holes) coupled with a glorious trailing habit that will allow you to  let it run wild. This plant is in huge demand amongst indoor plant enthusiasts and sells out at lightening speed. Relatively easy to care for, this plant enjoys moderate watering and a good amount of indirect light.  Regular fertilising in the warmer months will result insignificant new growth. The plant you are buying measures approx 10cm in height and 16cm in width....

Philodendron hederaceum 'brasil'


 Lovely vining form of the philodendron family with green leaves that have brush stroke of yellow through the centre to form a stunning contrast of variegation. Highly sough after plants these are stunning to train either up a totem pole or left to hang down from a pot placed upon shelf. These plants are small and measure approx 15cm in width and 8cm in height but will grow fast.

Pilea Peperomioides


The famous pilea peperomioides has been at the very top of the in trend house plant list for some time now. Close to impossible to source in Australia less than 2 to 3 years ago, this plant is slowly becoming more accessible to the public. Still relatively hard to come by though, this plant is also known as the chinese money plant. As it matures, it develops a stunning woody stem which can be grow bolt upright or can equally have a tendancy to flop down over the edge of the pot. Either way, it will continue to have glorious...

Monstera Siltepecana


NOW PERMITTED IN WA!! YAY Originally from Equador, this plant has very unique leaves which can be described as a deep blue and green colour with silver markings or reflections that fade as the plant grows. If allowed to grow upright, this plant develops magnificent holes or fenestrations in the leaves when mature, which are well worth the wait. We recommend training this one up a bark post or totem if you wish to see this develop in your plant The plant you are buying measures approximately 12cm in height from soil level and is approx 15cm in width. The...

Large Pink Princess Philodendron


This one is in demand  for its gorgeous splashes of pink on a dark green back ground. Each plant is approx 15 to 20cm in height from soil level and 15cm to 20cm in width.  The current stock I have left, which is available for sale only has minor pink markings, similar to the picture for this product. The plant will be shipped bare rooted, wrapped in paper towel, surrounded in bubble wrap and taped securely within a large postage tube to minimise movement during transit. Please note that some damage can occur during transit on occasions, despite my best efforts...

Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma - Minni Monstera


This one is a must for the indoor plant collector. Neither a Philodendron or a Monstera, it is a member of the aroid family and is a native of Thailand and Malaysia. To get the best out of this plant, it is strongly suggest you grown this one with the support of a totem, and in warmer weather, can grow relatively quickly. A rare vining aroid, it likes to be placed in a warm, brightly lit spot with filtered or indirect sunlight. Be caureful not to over water, only doing so when the top 2 -3 cm of soil is...

Pothos Snow Queen


A gorgeous variegated variety of the devils ivy or pothos family, snow queen has a luscious colour combination of emerald green and white on each leaf, with a trailing or cascading habit as it grows. The plant you are buying is approx 17cm in height from soil level and 15 cm across and prefers a moist but well drained potting mix. Snow queen likes bright but indirect light and would benefit from being fertilised during the warmer months. The plant will be shipped bare rooted, wrapped in sphagnum moss, surrounded in bubble wrap and taped securely to minimise movement during...

Sansevieria Masoniana - Whale Fin Snake Plant-Paddle Plant


 PERMITTED INTO WA AS OF 16 APRIL 2019 YAY! This is not your typical variety of snake plant, with leaves that are wider and more "paddle shaped" than your typical and more common snake plant, many consider this plant to also resemble a whale fin in appearance. Very difficult to source, this one is for the collector. Please note that these have been recovered from a very old garden and are not in mind, commercial nursery condition. What I mean by this is that each plant will reflect what is has been exposed to outdoors in a tropical garden, which...

Alocasia macrorrhizos -SMALL


This is the smaller version of the large. This one is a stunning member of the elephant ear  family, with heavily variegated foliage, of white and pale green. It is also referred to as Alocasia macrorrhizos (also 'macrorrhiza') 'Variegata', or 'Variegata alba’.  In tropical climates, this one is a very fast grower, with leaves reaching a maximum length of up to 1 metre. This is not the case in the southern States of Australia, and grows at a much slower rate. If being grown in these conditions or indoors, it may die down to its bulb but will reshoot once the weather...

Calathea Orbifolia - small plant


This is our favourite variety of the calathea family, calathea orbifolia has large, rounded leaves in a light green colour with uniform silvery white stripes or markings.  When mature, it grows up to 50cm in height and thickens up to make a gorgeous houseplant plant, particularly for those not so bright spots in the house. Calathea orbifolia does not like to be overwatered, so keep watering at a moderate level, best described as being on the dryer side of wet. The plant you are buying has approx 3 leaves and measures approx 11 cm in height from soil level and...

Philodendron Pastazanum


Gorgeous large love heart shaped leaves when mature that can reach well over 30cm in diameter with lighter white coloured veins, this one is highly recommended for the beginner. Will clump as it matures. This one is not a velvet variety but has shiny leaves that are similar in texture to an elephant ear Alocasia. This one likes a good level of light so be sure to keep it in a brightly lit spot. Each plant measures approx 25cm in height from soil level and has one leaf as per photo. 

Scindapasus pictus, variety "Exotica" | Satin Pothos


This is one of two varieties of this plant that Home of Houseplant sells, the second variety is Argyraeus. If you are looking for a trailing type plant, similar in growth habit to a devils ivy, but a lot thicker (denser) and perhaps more unusual in terms of appearance, then this one is for you. Thick, velvet to the touch leaves that exhibit an unusual "blistered" type appearance, which are attributable to trapped tiny air pockets rather than variegation. To maintain the appearance of this plant, it need to be exposed to bright, indirect light. I particularly love the fact that...

Spider Web | Fatsia Japonica | Variegated Foliage


Large tropical looking leaves emerge frosted in white patterns like silver webbing that fades to a more subdued green as they mature. This unusual type of variegation changes from leaf to leaf and with the seasons giving each leaf a unique appearance. Each plant measures approx 10cm in height and 15 cm in width.

Calathea musaica


A beautiful evergreen species of Calathea with amazing leaf patterns resembling tiny mosaics. A relatively easy plant to care for but do not allow it to dry out. This one is ideal as a houseplant that is very much sought after. This one likes to be kept relatively moist and grown in free draining potting mix or soil. Please do not allow this one to sit in water by allowing the drip tray to remain full in being planted in a pot. Each plant measures 8cm in height and 8cm in width.

Aspidistra Elatior “Milky Way”


Aspidistra elatior ‘milky way’ is an old-fashioned and rarely seen variant of the cast iron plant with yellow polka dots on leaves that are shiny and much more narrow that the normal variety of this plant. The plant you are buying measures 15 cm in height and 20cm in width with a similar mount of leaves as the plant depicted in the photo. This one is a stunner for any indoor plant collector or lover of all things unusual in the plant world.  Milky way is an ideal choice for the darker spot in the house compared to other indoor...

Philodendron gloriosum | velvet philodendron


Emerald green leaves with a velvet texture, these are at the easier end in terms of difficulty to grow. Each plant has one leaf only. Each plant measures approx 15cm in height from soil level and 13cm in diameter.

Watermelon Peperomia - Peperomia Argyrei


This highly prized indoor plant is famous for its leaf markings that resemble the rind on a ripe watermelon. Lovely dark maroon stems with a deep emerald green tear shaped leaf that has the subtle lines.  Each plant measure approximately 15 cm in height.This one is hard to find and sells out quickly if it is sold. Another must have on the list of an indoor plant collector.

Variegated String of Pearls | Senecio Rowleyanus


This easy growing indoor succulent produces beaded strands and fleshy green, pea-like foliage. This interesting houseplant can provide a unique focal point in the home, sprawling over the edges of containers or hanging baskets. These are extra special as these are the variegated variety, which has streaks of pale white throughout the pearls. Please be carereful not to overwater these plants as this is the most common cause of death for the string of pearls. This plant is currently planted in a pot measuring 10cm in diameter.

Philodendron Prince of Orange


Philodendron ‘Prince of Orange” is a hybrid, with a light green to yellow foliage. Unlike other philodendrons that are climbers, this one is self heading,  which means the large leaves grow from the centre base. The older leaves (which can reach lengths of close to 40 cm when mature) eventually fall away, making room for newer growth to take their place. Prince of Orange leaves start out a bright copper like colour, but change to a shade of green as they mature. Each plant measure approx 25cm in height and 35 cm in width. The plant will be shipped bare...



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