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Spathiphyllum Picasso-variegated foliage


NOT PERMITTED INTO WA-SORRY! PHOTO IS AN EXAMPLE OF THE TYPE OF PLANT YOU WILL RECEIVE- Picasso Spathiphyllum is extremely sought after and difficult to source amongst indoor plant collectors at the moment. It has highly prized variegation that sets this one apart from all other varieties of spathiphyllum that are what this plant is famous for. If left to grow in the correct conditions, this plant will multiply or clump up nicely over the years to come, as shown in the gallery of images. The plant you are buying measures approx 25cm in height from soil level and about 30cm in...

Pink Princess Philodendron


This one is in demand  for its gorgeous splashes of pink on a dark green back ground. Each plant is approx 10 cm in height from soil level and 15cm in width.  Each plant has very small splashes of pink on it. The plant will be shipped bare rooted, wrapped in paper towel, surrounded in bubble wrap and taped securely within a large postage tube to minimise movement during transit. Please note that some damage can occur during transit on occasions, despite my best efforts to package our plants ready for travel. 

Pilea Peperomioides


The famous pilea peperomioides has been at the very top of the in trend house plant list for some time now. Close to impossible to source in Australia less than 2 to 3 years ago, this plant is slowly becoming more accessible to the public. Still relatively hard to come by though, this plant is also known as the chinese money plant. As it matures, it develops a stunning woody stem which can be grow bolt upright or can equally have a tendancy to flop down over the edge of the pot. Either way, it will continue to have glorious...

Aspidistra Elatior “Milky Way”


Aspidistra elatior ‘milky way’ is an old-fashioned and rarely seen variant of the cast iron plant with yellow polka dots on leaves that are shiny and much more narrow that the normal variety of this plant. The plant you are buying measures 15 cm in height and 20cm in width with a similar mount of leaves as the plant depicted in the photo. This one is a stunner for any indoor plant collector or lover of all things unusual in the plant world.  Milky way is an ideal choice for the darker spot in the house compared to other indoor...

Thaumatophyllum spruceanum , formerly known as Philodendron goeldii


This self heading plant, formerly of the philodendron genus and now known to belong to the recently established new Thaumatophyllum genus, produces  clusters of leaves that form in a spiral or wheel fashion at the end or tip of each stem. These specimens are a lovely and luscious size, measuring approx 20cm in height and 20cm in width. This is a very robust plant and excellent for the beginner wanting to try something a little unusual.

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Amazon Lily - Eucharis Grandiflora


Lovely glossy green leaves, this plant has the added bonus of producing a bloom if kept in the correct conditions, which resemble jonquils. I prefer this one however for the foliage, as it copes with lower light levels compared to some. Be prepared for a trade off though, as you do need higher levels of light to encourage the Amazon lily to bloom. Will clump as it matures. Each plant measures approx 10cm in height from soil level and 15cm in width. You will have a minimum of 2 leaves on each plant. The plant will be shipped bare rooted,...

Philodendron burle marx CUTTING | imbe | new yorker


DUE TO EXTENSIVE POSTAL DELAYS TO WA, NOT FOR SALE TO WA AS IT WILL BE ROTTEN WHEN IT ARRIVES, APOLOGIES.   PLEASE NOTE THERE MAY BE SOME SLIGHT YELLOWING TO SOME LEAVES OR PART THEREOF, THIS IS DUE TO IT BEING MIDDLE OF WINTER IN ADELAIDE, IT DOES NOT HARM POTENTIAL OF GROWTH. For sale is a an unrooted cutting with at least 2 nodes for you to propogate. IT IS NOT A PLANT BUT A CUTTING Burle Marx is an easy to grow, prehistoric looking, low growing variety of Philodendron well suited for interiorscapes, containers and tropical landscape...



Long and luscious strands, approx 1 metre in length, perfect for the shelf or hanging pot. Rhipsalis is a cacti genus with approximately 35 distinct species.  Rhipsalis have no needles, and they are native to the rainforests of SOuth America, the Carribbean and Central Amercia leading to their classification as jungle cacti. Rhipsalis enjoy bright but indirect light. Exposure to afternoon sun can burn the leaves, trn them yellow, or lead to spotting. In their native environment, Rhipsalis is accustomed to receiving light that has been filtered through dense, overhanging tree branches. Picturing this environment can help you adjust your...

Ficus Triangularis | Triangle Fig


NOT PERMITTED INTO WA THE PLANT IN THE PHOTO IS THE ONE YOU ARE BUYING One of the easiest indoor Figs. The unusual triangular leaves are quite thick and tough. It loves bright light like most members of the Ficus family. Each plant measures approx 50cm in height from soil level and 40cm i width. Be sure to tip prune on a semi regular basis to encourage a bushy habit. Temperature Normal indoor temps are fine but keep away from heat sources and cold draughts. Water Really important to let this dry out inbetween waterings (Wait for the top 2-3...

Ficus Petiolaris | rock fig


This one is a a relatively less common and hard to find member of the ficus family. We adore it for its hot pink veins on each leaf. A native of Mexico, it has a common name of rock fig, because it is often found growing in rocky areas where the roots stretch over rocks in search of rooting soil. The develop a large and distinctive lump at their based, which is called a basal caudex, which adds to the loveliness of this plant. Ficus petiolaris is a very easy houseplants. It thrives in part sun to part shade in...

Xerosicyos danguyi 10CM CUTTING | Silver Dollar Plant| Silver Dollar Vine


  YOU ARE BUYING A CUTTING THAT IS 10cm in length with no roots.  This is not a houseplant, as it is a succulent, it should be grown outdoors, which a good amount of indirect light, not direct light. This native plant to Madagascar, this one is loved by plant enthusiasts as it produces foliage that resembles a coin. As with most succulents, be careful not to over-water, it is preferable to allow the potting media to dry out completely before watering once again. It's growth habit resembles a bush rather than a vine as it grows and has small...

Philodendron micans


  Micans grows wild in regions of South  and Central America and are increasing in popularity die to their velvet textured and heart shaped foliage. In cooler weather than can develop a maroon tinge to their foliage that can also turn different shades of green. These are popular due to their vining habit, which looks stunning hanging down from a shelf.   Each plant measures approx 15cm in length from soil level.

Philodendron eximium -quilted heart-shaped foliage


This is an example of the plant you will be buying. A stunning heart shaped philodendron that has very desirable quilting to it's foliage. This one  is on the easier end of the scale of difficulty so if you are a beginner and ready to take the plunge into the world of more expensive indoor plants, this is the one to go for. The one measures approx 30cm in height from soil level.

Calathea louisae Freddy


  The Calathea is a genus of plants belonging to the family Marantaceae. There are a large number of species in the genus. The Calathea is native to the Americas. The Calathea louisae for commonly called Freddy has striking leaves are the attraction for tropical gardeners and indoor plant lovers as well. Calathea Freddy has leaves similar to the Calathea makoyana. The differences are the stripes on the Freddy are more uniformed and the leaves are narrower and longer. Calatheas grow by means of a creeping rhizome. (They are not at all invasive). Your plant will expand quickly enough to...

Araucaria bidwillii-Bunya Pine


 PERMITTED INTO WA This one is one of three native Australian plants that are recommended as an option for indoor plants. The other two being kaurii pine and hoop pine. A stunning textural specimen plant to add interest to your indoor plant collection. Tall straight tree to 40 metres in height with rough almost black bark. Branches are arranged symmetrically. Leaves are lanceolate, sharply pointed to 5cm in length. Female cones are very large, 30cm by 20cm long. Seed are edible. Native to Queensland.   Each plant measures approx 15cm in height.

Large Philodendron x Golden Tuxtla


Excellent, well established specimens, approx 3 years old. Underside or abaxial leaf surface is darker when leaf matures, younger foliage presents a mottled appearance before marking the darker transition. Another striking feature of this plant are the red spotted petioles. Each plant measures approximately 50cm in height and 60cm in width.  

Anthurium radicans-rare aroid


The plant in the photo is the one you are buying. Grown for 3 years in Adelaide in heated glasshouse conditions, hardened off to the southern lifestyle if you will. A lovely specimen, this one will sell quickly due to its imense popularity at the moment so be quick. According to exotic ... small creeping aroid from Southeastern Brazil and parts of Ecuador, Anthurium radicans is the only member of section Chamaerepium.  Described to science in 1854, many non-scientific sources state Anthurium radicans is only found in Brazil.  However, Dr. Tom Croat of the Missouri Botanical Garden has collected the species in the vicinity...

Philodendron painted lady |aroid hybrid | hard to find.


  The plant in the photos is the one you are buying. It measures approx 15c m in height from soil level and approx 15cm in diameter. Philodendron Painted Lady is a hybrid with bright yellow leaves, speckled with green and have crimson petioles. 

Mattress Button Plant | Dorstenia Elata


This one is something special because not only does it have stunning glossy emerald green foliage which thickens as it matures but it a variety of fig. This is most noticeable when it produces a flower that hardens into the shape of an old fashioned button, which were used on mattresses well over 50 years ago. The flowers of "inflorescence" are super hard and last a long time.This one tolerates low levels of light and is fairly easy to care for. Each plant measures approx 20cm in height from soil level and 20cm in width.



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