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Calathea orbifolia


This is our favourite variety of the calathea family, calathea orbifolia has large, rounded leaves in a light green colour with uniform silvery white stripes or markings.  When mature, it grows up to 50cm in height and thickens up to make a gorgeous houseplant plant, particularly for those not so bright spots in the house. Calathea orbifolia does not like to be overwatered, so keep watering at a moderate level, best described as being on the dryer side of wet. The plant you are buying measures approx 10cm in height from soil level and 10cm across.  

Calathea roseopicta | Calathea rosey


DUE TO CURRENT POSTAGE DELAYS, NOT FOR WA Calathea roseaoptica 'Rosey' plant. likes warm, well-lit positions, free from draughts. Calathea roseaoptica is well suited for indoor pots and terrariums. Keep soil moist during warmer warmer months. Feed with liquid fertiliser during Spring. These are slow growing and will not require much maintenance so it can be kept small and compact for long periods.  Each plant measures approx 22cm and 25cm in width.



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