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Calathea musaica


A beautiful evergreen species of Calathea with amazing leaf patterns resembling tiny mosaics. A relatively easy plant to care for but do not allow it to dry out. This one is ideal as a houseplant that is very much sought after. This one likes to be kept relatively moist and grown in free draining potting mix or soil. Please do not allow this one to sit in water by allowing the drip tray to remain full in being planted in a pot. Each plant measures 8cm in height and 8cm in width.

Calathea Fusion White | Calathea Leitzei


 Fusion white is characterised by unique showy green, light green and white marked and marbled variegation. The purple undersides add a finishing depth to this marvel. Avoid direct sunlight, this one is not for the beginner, as are most calatheas. Too much water and it will die, too little, same result. Keep the humidity up to this one as she is super sensitive. Our tip is to keep soil moist, never drench or allow soil to dry out completely. Each plant measures approximately 8cm in height and approx 15cm in diameter.  

Calathea orbifolia


This is our favourite variety of the calathea family, calathea orbifolia has large, rounded leaves in a light green colour with uniform silvery white stripes or markings.  When mature, it grows up to 50cm in height and thickens up to make a gorgeous houseplant plant, particularly for those not so bright spots in the house. Calathea orbifolia does not like to be overwatered, so keep watering at a moderate level, best described as being on the dryer side of wet. The plant you are buying measures approx 15 to 18cm in height from soil level and 18 cm across. The...

Calathea miso


This eye-catching member of the Calathea family is not an easy one to find This lovely specimen has dark green leaves, which have from the centre, a lighter cream (sometimes cream depending on the maturity of the leaf) feather like pattern running out from the centre seam of each leaf. The underside of each leaf is just as stunning with a contrasting dark purple colour. Calatheas in general are not for the beginner as they can be quire fussy. Be careful not to over-water these guys. Each plant measures aoorox 15 cm in height from soil level and 20cm in...

Calathea fasciata


An evergreen, clump forming habit with large rounded leaves with predominate rib pattern that is in the form of stripes, interchanging from dark to lighter green. Perfect for the home or office. Maintenance: Prefers moist well drained soil, rich in organic matter. Place your plant indoors with dappled light or in a partially shaded area around the home. Watering: Water when soil feels dry or plant stats to droop. Keep soil moist but not wet, watering more in summer and less in winter. Each plant measures approx 12 cm in height from soil level and 23cm in diameter.



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