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Ficus Elastica Shivereana-Speckled Foliage


A very special and hard to find speckled member of the rubber tree family. This one is very hardy and great for the beginner. Each plant measures approx 20 to 25cm in height from soil level.

Ficus binnendijkii "Alii XL Petite" | Dwarf Sabre Leafed Fig | Long Leaf Fig


The long narrow leaves are naturally glossy and taper to a point to resemble a spear. It produces a mass of dense green foliage but as it matures, it may drop its lower leaves revealing a bare woody trunk. This particular variety is slow growing and has a strong resistance to leaf drop and lower light levels. Ficus Alii Petite is ideal as a container plant indoors and out. Great for patios, pool areas or to create a tropical look. It can be grown as a small tree or hedge and can be pruned into a topiary shape. Ficus Alii...

Ficus Triangularis | Triangle Fig


NOT PERMITTED INTO WA One of the easiest indoor Figs. The unusual triangular leaves are quite thick and tough. It loves bright light like most members of the Ficus family. Each plant measures approx 50cm in height from soil level and 40cm i width. Be sure to tip prune on a semi regular basis to encourage a bushy habit. Temperature Normal indoor temps are fine but keep away from heat sources and cold draughts. Water Really important to let this dry out inbetween waterings (Wait for the top 2-3 inches of compost to dry out). Overwatering in winter will make...

Ficus longifolia | Narrow Leaf Fig


Ficus longifolia look like a mini eucalyptus tree, due to their fast growing, slender dark green foliage. As this plant is a member of the Ficus family, Home of Houseplants strongly recommends this plant be contained within a pot. This is an easy to care for plant that is a statement piece and increasing in popularity for indoor stylists. This plant enjoys bright, indirect light and only likes to be watered when the soil is dry. Each plant current measures approx 60cm in height and approx 20 cm in width.

Ficus benghalensis | Ficus Audrey


  Ficus benghalensis, perhaps better known by the common name Ficus Audrey, is a gorgeous specimen tree well suited to those with a modern, minimal aesthetic. OFicus Audrey is a bit easier to care for than its finicky cousin, the Fiddle Leaf Fig. Its velvety, ovate leaves have striking white veining against deep green. Eventually growing quite tall, Ficus Audrey has a handsome white trunk. Ficus benghalensis is native to India, where it grows to truly massive proportions -- in fact, it's amongst the largest trees in the world by canopy coverage, and is the national tree of India. To thrive, Ficus Audrey needs bright, indirect light. As with...

Ficus Petiolaris | rock fig


This one is a a relatively less common and hard to find member of the ficus family. We adore it for its hot pink veins on each leaf. A native of Mexico, it has a common name of rock fig, because it is often found growing in rocky areas where the roots stretch over rocks in search of rooting soil. The develop a large and distinctive lump at their based, which is called a basal caudex, which adds to the loveliness of this plant. Ficus petiolaris is a very easy houseplants. It thrives in part sun to part shade in...

Ficus Benjamina x Hybrid Starlight


FICUS BENJAMINA X HYBRID STARLIGHT A tropical, evergreen tree with shiny, pointed leaves that are oval shaped, and branches that droop downwards. As with all Ficus, this needs to be kept in a pot to reduce root spread as they are invasive. A slower grower than its relatives, this one likes indirect or diffused light.  If being grown indoors, it will do well but if on a patio, you need to make sure it is not affected by frost as this will be lethal to this plant. Each plant measures approx 20cm in height and 20cm in width. When mature...

Ficus sagittata variegata


  Ficus sagittata is a weeping indoor plant that thrives with moderate care. It is grown for its glossy and interesting foliage. Ficus sagittata 'Variegata' is the most popular of Ficus sagittata varieties being more attractive with its variegated leaves: greyish green leaves which are marked with ivory-white.  Each plant measures approx cm in height and cm in width



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