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Ficus binnendijkii "Alii XL Petite" | Dwarf Sabre Leafed Fig | Long Leaf Fig


The long narrow leaves are naturally glossy and taper to a point to resemble a spear. It produces a mass of dense green foliage but as it matures, it may drop its lower leaves revealing a bare woody trunk. This particular variety is slow growing and has a strong resistance to leaf drop and lower light levels. Ficus Alii Petite is ideal as a container plant indoors and out. Great for patios, pool areas or to create a tropical look. It can be grown as a small tree or hedge and can be pruned into a topiary shape. Ficus Alii...

Ficus Benjamina x Hybrid Starlight


FICUS BENJAMINA X HYBRID STARLIGHT A tropical, evergreen tree with shiny, pointed leaves that are oval shaped, and branches that droop downwards. As with all Ficus, this needs to be kept in a pot to reduce root spread as they are invasive. A slower grower than its relatives, this one likes indirect or diffused light.  If being grown indoors, it will do well but if on a patio, you need to make sure it is not affected by frost as this will be lethal to this plant. Each plant measures approx 10cm in height and 10cm in width. When mature...

Ficus GOLD "Alii Petite" | Dwarf Sabre Leafed Fig


This is the yellow version of the plain green we sell, rarely offered for sale. The long, narrow leaves are a naturally glossy gold green and taper to a point. As this ficus tree grows, it may drop its lower leaves revealing a bare woody trunk, giving the tree a palm -like appearance. Its trunks can be braided making it look like a topiary. A good size, each plant measures approx 70cm in height from soil level.

Ficus sagittata variegata


  Ficus sagittata is a weeping indoor plant that thrives with moderate care. It is grown for its glossy and interesting foliage. Ficus sagittata 'Variegata' is the most popular of Ficus sagittata varieties being more attractive with its variegated leaves: greyish green leaves which are marked with ivory-white.  Each plant measures approx cm in height and cm in width



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