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Philodendron Florida


Philodendron florida is a hybrid between Philodendron squamiferum and Philodendron pedatum. This one is a climber so it will really do well if you provide it with a totem pole to encourage leaves to mature. iron bark totem not included in sale.   please note top growth point has snapped off, see photos Each plant measures approx 70cm in height and 60cm in width.

Philodendron hederaceum 'brasil'


 Lovely vining form of the philodendron family with green leaves that have brush stroke of yellow through the centre to form a stunning contrast of variegation. Highly sough after plants these are stunning to train either up a totem pole or left to hang down from a pot placed upon shelf. These plants are small and measure approx 15cm in width and 8cm in height but will grow fast.

Philodendron Pastazanum


Gorgeous large love heart shaped leaves when mature that can reach well over 30cm in diameter with lighter white coloured veins, this one is highly recommended for the beginner. Will clump as it matures. This one is not a velvet variety but has shiny leaves that are similar in texture to an elephant ear Alocasia. This one likes a good level of light so be sure to keep it in a brightly lit spot. Each plant measures approx 10cm in height from soil level and has one leaf as per photo. 

Pink Princess Philodendron


This one is in demand  for its gorgeous splashes of pink on a dark green back ground. Each plant is approx 10 cm in height from soil level and 15cm in width.  Each plant has very small splashes of pink on it. The plant will be shipped bare rooted, wrapped in paper towel, surrounded in bubble wrap and taped securely within a large postage tube to minimise movement during transit. Please note that some damage can occur during transit on occasions, despite my best efforts to package our plants ready for travel. 

Philodendron gloriosum | velvet philodendron


Emerald green leaves with a velvet texture, these are at the easier end in terms of difficulty to grow. Each plant has one leaf only. Each plant measures approx 15cm in height from soil level and 13cm in diameter.Current stock of plants have between one and two leaves per plant.

Philodendron Prince of Orange


Philodendron ‘Prince of Orange” is a hybrid, with a light green to yellow foliage. Unlike other philodendrons that are climbers, this one is self heading,  which means the large leaves grow from the centre base. The older leaves (which can reach lengths of close to 40 cm when mature) eventually fall away, making room for newer growth to take their place. Prince of Orange leaves start out a bright copper like colour, but change to a shade of green as they mature. Each plant measure approx 25cm in height and 35 cm in width. The plant will be shipped bare...

Philodendron Micans - Hederaceum


Bronze and velvet leafed, a lovely one for those looking for some texture. Originating from the South Americas and certain parts of the Carribean. As it matures, the leaves increase in size but tend to lose the velvet touch. Relatively easy to grow compared to other members of the philodendron family with velvet leaves. Each plant measures approx 12 to 15 cm in height. The plant will be shipped bare rooted, wrapped in sphagnum moss (except WA), surrounded in bubble wrap and taped securely within a large postage tube to minimise movement during transit. Please note that some damage can...

Philodendron birkin


Lovely compact plant with dark green foliage that has a number of stunning white/yellow contrasting thin stripes. These are a new release hybrid philodendron on the Australian market.  Each plant measures approx 12 to 15cm in height and 12 to 15cm in width.

Philodendron white princess


This hybrid is somewhat similar to the highly sought after philodendron white knight but is self heading. White princess has striking ornamental foliage which is deep green with random splashes of pure white, variegated patterns. Suited to free draining, moist soils or potting media in filtered light. Tolerant of poor light conditions and very sensitive to frost. Each plant is small, measuring approx 15cm in diameter and 5cm in height.

Philodendron squamiferum


Philodendron squamiferum is a rare species from tropical rain forests in South America. It has attractive, evergreen foliage with long red bristled petioles that are soft to touch. Suited to free draining, moist potting mix and situated in filtered light.  Water when soil feels dry or plant starts to droop. Each plant measures approx 20 cm to 25cm  in height and approx 15 cm in width. Please note totem pole is not included. 

Philodendron bipennifolium | Horsehead Philodendron


Large, 46cm in length when mature foliage, that displays shiny, olive green, leathery leaves in the shape of a violin or a horse's head.  Whether growing up tree trunks or potted totem poles, fiddle leaf philodendron provides neat, evergreen, glossy foliage with a tropical appeal. The stems are an attractive light brown with long tendrils. This one is great for beginners and is very vigorous. Does best when provided with a totem to support its upward, vining growth habit. Each plant measures approx 30cm in diameter and 30 to 40cm 

Thaumatophyllum stenolobum -formerly known as Philodendron stenolobum


 Formely known as Philodendron stenolobum, a reclassification from botanists just over 12 months ago, places this into a new genus category, Thaumatophyllum. Self heading plant, deep spearhead shaped deep green leaves to 1m, semi shade This plant has long wavy narrow leaves that average 60cm to 90cm in length and can be approximately 30cm wide if grown.   This plant is generally known to collectors as a self header and is thought by some not to be a climber. This plant  is sometimes incorrectly sold as P. willamsii in the plant trade and was thought by some to be a narrow leaf form of P. williamsii.  These species are not one...

Philodendron Hastatum Silver Sword


A hard to find member of the philodendron family with silver or metallic looking foliage, that has a sheen to the foliage that makes this specimen a real stunner. The foliage on the Philodendron Hastatum (Silver Sword)  is a pale metallic grey when juvenile, that transforms as it matures to a deeper blue in colour. This is a very hardy grower, so as with most philodendrons, prefers to be supported by a totem or pole. A good hardy option on the easier end of difficulty. Each plant measures approx 20 cm in height. The plant will be shipped bare rooted,...

Philodendron Painted Lady


This one is for the collectors. A  rare variegated aroid, the foliage has a stunning yellow background with mottled green or brown markings throughout which are subtle. A slow grower but worth the wait. Each plant measures approximately between 15cm and 12cm  in width.

Thaumatophyllum spruceanum , formerly known as Philodendron goeldii


This self heading plant, formerly of the philodendron genus and now known to belong to the recently established new Thaumatophyllum genus, produces  clusters of leaves that form in a spiral or wheel fashion at the end or tip of each stem. These specimens are a lovely and luscious size, measuring approx 42cm in height and 46cm in width. This is a very robust plant and excellent for the beginner wanting to try something a little unusual.

Philodendron Silver Cloud


  Silver Cloud originally from Ecuador, is one of the named varieties of Philodendron mamei. Phildoendron  mamei  has similar markings to silver cloud on foliage, but a more pointed, arrow shaped leaf. By contrast the silver cloud appears more rounded.  Philodendron mamei was first identified and recorded in 1883. Unlike self heading philodendrons, the mamei and silver cloud cultivar will creep along the ground but can, if give the right conditions, climb up trees. ,With its painted leaf it has always been popular with collectors and as a house plant.In general it is a creeper with its rhizome on the...

Philodendron majestic ( x-hybrid)


The plant in the photo is the plant you are buying. Philodendrom majestic is a hybrid, which means it is a cross between Philodendron verrucosum and Philodendron sodiroi. Gorgeous hybrid with lovely pattern to the foliage. As it matures, you will see the family connection to verrucosum on the stalks, which may develop the little hairs. This plant measures approx  28cm in height and approx  25cm in width.  Grown in heated glasshouse in Adelaide for the last 18 months.   

Philodendron x Golden Tuxtla


Excellent, well established specimens, approx 3 years old. Underside or abaxial leaf surface is darker when leaf matures, younger foliage presents a mottled appearance before marking the darker transition. Another striking feature of this plant are the red spotted petioles. Each plant measures approximately cm in height and cm in width.  

Philodendron sodiroi


Originating from Columbia, this is one of our favourite philodendrons. It's foliage displays a gorgeous silver tone to the puffy leaf that are a real show stopper. Suitable for indoors, it does require a totem to support its growth habit. A very forgiving philodendron. Each plant currently measures approx 10 to 12 cm in height from soil level.

Philodendron Campi "Lynette"


  NOT PERMITTED INTO WA Philodendron Lynette is actually the species Philodendron campii Croat, with the name Lynette appearing in publications approx 50 years ago. Almost resembling a birds nest fern, this philodendron is self heading rather than a climber, so perfect for pots. The leaf blades can grow quite large as it matures and display a lovely crease indentation in the foliage in regular intervals. Each plant measures approx 20cm in height  from soil level.



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