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Herringbone Striped Gold Planter


This gold and white striped planter is certain to brighten any room. Perfect for indoor plants. 100% ceramic. Measures 14cm in diameter x 14cm in height

White Basket Planter


This decorative white glazed planter basket is made from ceramic dolomite and ideal for displaying indoor plants and flowers. If used for living plants, the planter should be used with a waterproof container placed inside to hold the water and stems. 23cm x 24cm x 34cm in height

Monte Planter (medium size)


This cement Monte Planter is a medium size in the on trend look of marble. Perfect for on your desk, a small table or a shelf, to display one of your beloved indoor plants. 1 year warranty. 14cm x 14cm x 17cm height

Sienna Planters (set of 4)


This charming set of 4 tangerine and white planter pots are made from terracotta and will each appear with different graphic design. 1 year warranty. Each pot measures 14cm in diameter, and 12cm in height.

Washed Blue Planters (set of 4)


This set of 4 small terracotta planters each measuring 14cm in diameter and 12cm in height feature different blue and white patterns. Ideal for your herb garden inside or outside, these planters are sure to impress.  

Monte Planter Rectangular


This rectangular cement Monte Planter is the perfect companion for a range of indoor plants. Show case your collection in this on trend marble looking cement planter. 1 year warranty 36cm x 17cm x 12cm height



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