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Sansevieria Masoniana - Whale Fin Snake Plant-Paddle Plant


 PERMITTED INTO WA AS OF 16 APRIL 2019 YAY! This is not your typical variety of snake plant, with leaves that are wider and more "paddle shaped" than your typical and more common snake plant, many consider this plant to also resemble a whale fin in appearance. Very difficult to source, this one is for the collector. Please note that these have been recovered from a very old garden and are not in mind, commercial nursery condition. What I mean by this is that each plant will reflect what is has been exposed to outdoors in a tropical garden, which...

Sansevieria parva | Snake plant


  Sansevieria parva has long narrow leaves and beautiful banding on the foliage.To us here at HoH, they look like the tops of a pineapple in terms of appearance and size, excellent the foliage is more green with banding.  Minimal watering: Rot is the easiest and fastest way to kill snake plants. They don't need much water and won't tolerate any water during Winter. Bright indirect light: These are a hard to kill house plant and will thrive in most light but prefer bright indirect light. Don't allow this guy to get too cold. Each plant measures approx 20 cm...



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