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Frequently Asked Questions & Shipping Information 


How will my plant/s be shipped?

All plants will be shipped barerooted, with the root ball wrapped in moist paper towell surrounded by alfoil,then carefully protected from root to tip in bubble wrap. The wrapped plant/s will then be inserted into a solid cardboard postal tube or appropriately sized box for their journey to their new home.

Despite the upmost care we take to ensure our plant/s are packaged well for their journey, on occasions, some damage does occur during transit that is beyond our control. We hope you understand that most plants travel well but it is not unusual for some degree of damage to occur to the plant/s during shipping.

Is the plant in the photo the one I will receive?

No, unless otherwise specifically stated in the product description. It would be very time consuming to continually keep taking photos of each each individual plant.


Why does my plant look different to what is in the product photo?

Sometimes the plant I send to you will have less or more leaves that what is depicted in the product photo. This is unavoidable as plants are living and growing creatures and it would be close to impossible to provide a plant to you with the exact number of leaves or exact size as what is in the stock photo.  More than often, plants sent to customers are often bigger or fuller than what we have shown in the product photo but on occasions, they may be smaller or have less leaves. I will use my discretion when choosing plants to send to you but rest assured, I always send the best that I have at any time. If they have suffered during transit, they will quickly recover.


Why aren't my plants perfect in appearance?

Home of Houseplants is a small boutique nursery and retailer. Whilst we source some stock from wholesalers which can be perfect in appearance due to large scale commercial greenhouses, we do propagate a large number of own own plants. As we don't have multi million dollar climate controlled glasshouses, our plants have a home grown look about them. We don't believe in debt and so we are making do with the very old glasshouses we have sourced that we heat to the best of our ability.

The  rare and hard to find plants we grow have been treasure hunted from  very old gardens or collections that are outdoors and exposed to the elements. For this reason, a lot of plants we sell have been or are exposed to extreme weather, like heat during the peak of summer or cold, despite being contained within a heated glasshouse. This is the reality of growing and/or buying real living plants. We do are best to make this clear in the product listing if there is some more than unusual damage to the plant we are selling. For an example of what we mean, check out the whale fin plant listing.


If you add to this that plants are packed and posted, there is a good possibility that leaves may  be damaged or torn on occasions and may not be instagram perfect when you unpack them.


If you are after instagram perfect plants upon arrival, I strongly recommend you avoid purchasing my plants and buy plants in person from a nursery or collector nearby to you. I do not offer any refunds for damage to plants sustained during transit to your or have suffered due to stress of postage. Whilst most plants cope well, some are more delicate and will be limp or unhappy on arrival to you but will soon perk up! If you have any concerns, send me an email first or contact me to discuss. If

Do you offer refunds?

For plant purchases made from our product range, if we have sent you the wrong plant (which can happen on a rare occasion), posted it to the wrong address due to an error on our part or we can't supply the product you have paid for  then of course, you will be refunded in full, including the postage. However, if you have changed your mind, your plant dies or that you aren't happy with the condition of it due to it being damaged during transit or disappointed due to it differing from the product image, then no, we will not refund you.We are serious about his and will challenge any further action you may wish to take. We are a small business and cannot afford to allow customers to keep plants without them being returned.

Unfortunately due to perishable nature of plants and that they travel through the post. It would cause too much stress on the plants to have them returned to us in a condition fit for resale. For this reason we do not offer a refund.

If you are by chance unhappy with your plant, please don't be shy to reach out to us.  Providing excellent customer service is our top priority and we want you to be happy with your purchase and keep coming back. We will happily work with you to reach a happy solution that works for both of us! Please be aware however, if we do exercise our discretion to refund you, you will be required to return the plant first, which is in keeping with the approach taken by all retailers and is reasonable don't you think?

The above does not however apply to plant concierge customers, who waive all liability and rights to a refund when engaging us to chemically treat their plants purchased from third party sellers for shipment to Tas, WA or NT. There is no refund for any reason. 

Do you ship to Western Australia, Tasmania and Northern Territory?

Yes to WA and Tas but no to NT! Home of Houseplants is accredited pursuant to section 16 of the Plant Health Act (SA) to chemically treat plants for shipping to WA and Tas for the purposes of maintaining and complying with biosecurity legislation and regulations across Australia.

Because of the extensive costs associated with obtaining this level of accreditation, customers in Tas will be charged an additional fee of $10 per order. Western Australian customers will be charged a $20 fee per order.

Please note these fees only apply to plants purchased from Home of Houseplants. We also have a separate service called plant concierge which is a separate service for plants purchased from other, third party sellers. A different cost structure applies to plant concierge. Please see our dedicated page on this website on plant concierge if you have found a plant being sold by someone other than Home of Houseplants and live in WA or Tas.

Western Australia

Biosecurity Western Australia have confirmed that they will inspect the parcel upon arrival at the airport, each business day except Mondays.


Biosecurity Tasmania have confirmed that they will inspect the parcel upon arrival at the airport. Inspections take place by Bisoecurity Tasmania officials on Tuesday through to Friday mornings.

Biosecurity Tasmania has indicated that it is uncommon for recipients to be charged for the inspection undertaken but on occasions, a fee of $38 has been charged, which if incurred, will be invoiced to the customer directly. Customers are encouraged to visit the Biosecurity Tasmania website for further information.


What about damage done to my plants during the quarantine inspection process?

Please be advised that Home of Houseplants is not liable or responsible for any fee, damage to plants or delay caused by Bisoecurity/Quarantine officials in WA, or Tas in relation to the inspection of plants purchased from Home of Houseplants.

When will I receive my plants?

 For customers in SA, Vic, NSW, ACT and Queensland, we post twice a week, each Monday and Wednesday.

For customers in WA or Tas, Home of Houseplants must chemically treat all plants in accordance with quarantine legislation i prior to shipping. This process must occur a minimum of 3 days prior to plants being shipped and for these reasons, customers from WA and  Tas  will experience a delay of up to 5 business days before receiving their plant/s from Home of Houseplants, depending on the day on which the order is placed. 

For WA and Tas customers, our practice has been to chemically treat plants once a week in a batch, which typically occurs on Saturdays Plants will subsequently be posted each Monday.

Australia Post - Shipping Provider

To minimise stress during transit, Home of Houseplants only uses Australia Post Express Post. It has been our experience that for customers in metropolitan capital cities, Australia Post Express Post will usually arrive the following business day. For those in regional areas, the delay may be slightly longer.

Customers will be notified of their tracking number via email, on the same day the plant/s are posted by Home of Houseplants.

What do I do when my plant arrives?

Unwrap the plant/s as soon as possible after they arrive and ensure the roots are kept moist/placed in water until you are able to pot up.

What do I do if I need help, advice or further assistance with my plant purchase?

Reach out to us via the website or via social media and we will get back to you promptly. Indoor plants are our passion, we love sharing our knowledge and advice with customers.



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