Plant Quarantine Concierge Services

Quarantine Plant Service
Have you found a plant or plants that you want to buy on ebay or other online nurseries but live in WA or Tas. ore you moving to WA or Tas and have a special plant or plant collection that you want to take with you?
Home of Houseplants is accredited with Biosecurity SA to chemical treat and ship permitted plants into Western Australia  and Tasmania. We are proud to advise that since gaining accreditation in early 2018, we have processed and treated hundreds of plants for customers who have purchased plants from our website.  
We are now expanding our service to customers beyond our website, who have existing plants or plants they wish to purchase from other sellers that require ICA-29 treatment and accreditation in order to ship to WA and Tas.
Home of Houseplants is able to receive shipment of your plants, chemically treat in accordance with ICA-29 requirements, with accredited fungicides and pesticides. The plant/s will then be bare rooted and the root ball wrapped in moist paper towel and aluminium foil, before being bubbled wrapped and inserted into a postal tube or box, depending on the size of the plant or plants in question. A copy of the Plant Health Assurance Certificate will also be affixed to the exterior of your parcel.
Home of Houseplants will also provide a Plant Health Assurance Certificate to Biosecurity authorities in advance of your plant/s arriving at Hobart or Perth airports. Your plants will be inspected by biosecurity officers upon arrival before being returned to the postal system for delivery.
In addition to the fees charged by Home of Houseplants for chemical treatment, Western Australian customers will incur a minimum $67.50 per 15 min inspection fee for 10 plants or less. This fee is charged by Biosecurity WA for inspection of plants at Perth airport and will be added to the invoice sent by Home of Houseplants.  This fee will increase to $135.00 for more than 10 plants.
At the present time, no inspection fees are charged by Biosecurity Tasmania however this subject to change without notice.
Home of Houseplants accepts no liability for any damage sustained to plants during the process of chemically treating your plants or shipping them to the desired destination. This is particularly important if you are considering purchasing a plant from another online seller and having it posted to Home of Houseplants for chemical treatment before sending on to the final destination. In these cases we recommend you contact us directly to discuss your particular requirements in advance of any impending purchase.
While most plants cope well with the chemical treatment process, there is a risk that your plant may not, or may deteriorate temporarily from such treatment.
Something to be aware of is that plants utilising this service are wrapped and re-wrapped a total of 3 times and travel twice in a short space of time. The plants are  also at the mercy of quarantine inspectors and couriers and our experience has been that some are more gentle than others. You do need to accept the risk that on some occasions some plants will be damaged and will not be in perfect condition.
People who do best with this service are those who are simply happy to get the plants into WA or Tas and spend the next few weeks rehabilitating them back to perfect condition. Those who are chasing perfect plants to arrive or plants that can immediately be photographed for social media get disappointed and will be disatisfied and are not suitable for this service.
There is also a risk incurred with shipping plants via Australia Post. Home of Houseplants does not accept any liability or compensate any damage sustained as a result of postage.
Home of Houseplants charges $50 for up to and including 3 plants for this service, $100 for up to and including 5 plants, thereafter an additional cost of $10 per plant. For further information, please request an information pack that contains detailed information by emailing us at



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