Aspidistra Elatior “Milky Way”



Aspidistra elatior ‘milky way’ is an old-fashioned and rarely seen variant of the cast iron plant with yellow polka dots on leaves that are shiny and much more narrow that the normal variety of this plant. The plant you are buying measures 15 cm in height and 20cm in width with a similar mount of leaves as the plant depicted in the photo.
This one is a stunner for any indoor plant collector or lover of all things unusual in the plant world.  Milky way is an ideal choice for the darker spot in the house compared to other indoor plants which need a good amount of indirect light. Like the Monstera deliciosa, this one is pretty tough and will survive neglect to some extent.
Along with Monstera deliciosa, Aspidistra Elatior “Milky Way” is a good one for the houseplant beginner.

The plant will be shipped bare rooted, wrapped in sphagnum moss (except WA), surrounded in bubble wrap and taped securely to minimise movement during transit.

Please note that some damage can occur during transit on occasions, despite our best efforts to package our plants ready for travel. We hope you understand if that does by chance occur.

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