Ceropegia woodii | variegated chain of hearts



Not your ordinary chain of hearts, these ones are the variegated variety and are luscious and dense. One of the hardiest of all basked succulents, hearts can be grown almost anywhere indoors or outdoors, sunny or dark. Long tendrils can grow a metre or more in a season and fill a pot very fast.

Heart shaped leaves appear along entire length and cute 3cm vase shaped flowers can appear in summer from every leaf. Large numbers of potatoes form inside the pot to store food and water so plants can live for many months without water, water well and allow to almost dry between watering's.

Feed during the warmer months to encourage growth. To thicken growth cut back or twirled the vines back into the pot. Woodii can grow indoors in low light situations ideally the prefer shade between 50 to 80 %. Plants will not flower however without some sunlight. Older specimens can hang 2 metres or more and create spectacular baskets. These are currently potted up in pots of 10cm diameter.

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