Clerodendrum thomsoniae - Bleeding Heart Pot Plant Rare Exotic




This hard to find  vine has attractive green heart shaped leaves, that if grown in appropriate conditions will produce attractive clusters of white flowers with crimson tips in Summer. Home of Houseplants loves this plant for the foliage however which will add an instant impact if left to trail downwards rather than trained to grow upright.

Grown indoors more so for its stunning foliage this vine requires a moderate amount of watering and loves a super warm position indoors that has access to bright filtered sunlight.

At the moment this is the only variety available of this stunning vine but Home of Houseplants is currently working on expanding the collection to include other varieties which produce other colours.

Currently plants are not in bloom given it is winter however the foliage is just a desirable, if not more so than the blooms and it can be used to cascade over mantles and shelves to create that jungle effect.

Each plant measures approx 15 cm in height from soil level.  

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