Crocodylus Fern



Also known by the botanical name Microsornum musifolium, this attractive yet tough fern with strap-like fronds that have a texture that resembles the skin/hide of a crocodile.

A relative slow grower, this one will clump as it matures. A highly unusual plant that is a must for someone that likes a talking point in the room. Children also love to look at this plant.

Each plant measures approx 15cm in height and approx 15cm in diameter and a bushy and full in appearance.

For WA, NT and Tas customers, an additional fee of $10 per order is applicable due to the requirements associated with quarantine compliance, including chemical treatment. Separate and additional costs are also charged by respective Departments of Biosecurity in WA, Tas and NT to inspect these plants upon their arrival. For more information on this, please check out the information on the FAQ section on this website and/or contact us direct.

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