Ficus Petiolaris | rock fig



This one is a a relatively less common and hard to find member of the ficus family. We adore it for its hot pink veins on each leaf. A native of Mexico, it has a common name of rock fig, because it is often found growing in rocky areas where the roots stretch over rocks in search of rooting soil. The develop a large and distinctive lump at their based, which is called a basal caudex, which adds to the loveliness of this plant.

Ficus petiolaris is a very easy houseplants. It thrives in part sun to part shade in well-drained potting mix however as with members of this family, kept it to the dry side to prevent over-watering and certain death. To promote growth, fertilise regularly over the summer months.

Each plant measures approx 20cm in height from soil level and20cm in diameter.  Please note that it has been a long and cold winter in Adelaide and you will see the effect of this in some of the older foliage, as pet the picture. All new growth is clear and damage free.

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