Haworthia maughanii



The ultimate Haworthia species, probably one of the slowest growing. Will reach 8 to 9cm in 5 to 10 years and will eventually produce rare offsets when mature.

Position-best in pots in a good well drained mix, any partial shade and protected outdoor position. Not suited for garden growing. Indoors only in well-lit positions.

Watering - can be watered over warmer months but must be allowed to almost dry between waterings .in cold damp climates winter watering should  be avoided . surface must be dry between waterings.

Feeding -25% of recommended dosage monthly in growing period . the less fertiliser, thee better the shape of the plant .fertilisers high in nitrogen can produce larger but softer plants .

repotting can be left to overgrow their pots or reppoted in the warmer months  in almost any well drained ptting mix.

Each plant measures approx 4cm in with and 1.5cm in height.

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