Plant E Huperzia phlegmarioides —Layered tassel fern




The tassel fern in the images is the one you are buying, Plant E

Huperzia are graceful hanging ferns with lush green foliage from tropical and subtropical countries. Ideal as a container specimen for indoors, shade houses or hanging under a tree. Prefers a shaded, protected position outdoors or a well lit position indoors. Protect from strong afternoon sun. Please be sure to use well drained premium potting mix preferably combined with a good amount of orchid mix to ensure drainage.

This tassel ferns are super large and measures 40cm in length from top to bottom and approx 40cm in width. These plants are well over 5 years of age and the price reflects their maturity.

These stunning specimens are rarely offered in the marketplace at this level of maturity and size, so this is your opportunity to snap one up and bypass years of waiting for a juvenile to get to this point.

These are best displayed in a suitable hanging pot or on a shelf to drape and tumble downwards.

To care for your tassel ferns, please be sure to read the article I have posted in the blog section of this website. This will give you an expert summary of how to care for these ancient creatures from a professional grower in FNQ, with many years experience.

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