Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma - Minni Monstera



This one is a must for the indoor plant collector. Neither a Philodendron or a Monstera, it is a member of the aroid family and is a native of Thailand and Malaysia. To get the best out of this plant, it is strongly suggest you grown this one with the support of a totem, and in warmer weather, can grow relatively quickly. A rare vining aroid, it likes to be placed in a warm, brightly lit spot with filtered or indirect sunlight. Be caureful not to over water, only doing so when the top 2 -3 cm of soil is dry. Each leaf when matures is approx 15cm long and 10cm in width.

The plant itself measures approx 8cm in height and 15cm width.

The plant will be shipped bare rooted, wrapped in sphagnum moss, surrounded in bubble wrap and taped securely within a large postage tube to minimise movement during transit. Please note that some damage can occur during transit on occasions, despite my best efforts to package our plants & products ready for travel. I hope you understand if that does by chance occur.

For WA, NT and Tas customers, an additional fee of $10 per order is applicable due to the requirements associated with quarantine compliance, including chemical treatment. Separate and additional costs are also charged by respective Departments of Biosecurity in WA, Tas and NT to inspect these plants upon their arrival. For more information on this, please check out the information on the FAQ section on this website and/or contact us direct.


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Customer Reviews

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Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma

A lot of care put into packaging, none of the leaves got damaged. I cannot wait for it to grow.

Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma

Thank you so much for the personalised service . My plant arrived in perfect and healthy condition


Thank you Jo for another great plant. Carefully packed as always with no damage to the leaves.

A little small , but heavily compensated

Sadly this little guy arrived a bit worse for wear, I’m assuming with heavy demand meant smaller cuttings although a heavy and strong root system, I’m not too phased as I believe I was definitely compensated with the second plant in my purchase.



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