Scindapasus pictus, variety "Exotica" | Satin Pothos



This is one of two varieties of this plant that Home of Houseplant sells, the second variety is Argyraeus.

If you are looking for a trailing type plant, similar in growth habit to a devils ivy, but a lot thicker (denser) and perhaps more unusual in terms of appearance, then this one is for you. Thick, velvet to the touch leaves that exhibit an unusual "blistered" type appearance, which are attributable to trapped tiny air pockets rather than variegation.

To maintain the appearance of this plant, it need to be exposed to bright, indirect light. I particularly love the fact that this one remains dense in terms of foliage as it grows, almost making it impossible to see the stem.

Each plant measures approx 15cm in height and 10 to 15cm in width.

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