SMALL-Alocasia maccrorhizos, vareigated elephant ears




Plants are similar in appearance and size to the one in the photos and will have a minimum of 2 leaves with some  variegation. Photo is an example only

This one is a stunning member of the elephant ear  family, with heavily variegated foliage, of white and pale green. It is also referred to as Alocasia macrorrhizos (also 'macrorrhiza') 'Variegata', or 'Variegata alba’. 

In tropical climates, this one is a very fast grower, with leaves reaching a maximum length of up to 1 metre. This is not the case in the southern States of Australia, and grows at a much slower rate. If being grown in these conditions or indoors, it may die down to its bulb but will re-shoot once the weather warms.

This plant measures approx 10 to 15cm in height from soil level.

This can be sensitive to posting (turning brown on some occasions)  but will recover quickly with TLC. 

A bit on the thirsty side, this plant likes well drained soil with regular watering.


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